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..and together we will conquer.

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Hello everyone, this is the journal of the rfw ladiees, sorry guys but no one will be granted permission to access these entries unless you are an offical rfw girl. You can request to join our rfw community by clicking join at the top of the page, if we know you and feel comfortable sharing our lives with you, we will gladly add you. Now about the rfw ladies; Jacqueline, Michelle, and Kasey! Whoot whoot! We love our friends. the oc. romantic movies. mint chocolate chip ice cream. lolly pops. family. one tree hill. ipod. our rooms. we love our heritage. standing out. SHOPPING.We love accessories. We love manicures. We love pedicures. We love rachel bilson. We love adam brody. We love mischa barton. We love exotic earings, mary-kate and ashley, boys, phone, text messeges, and nice people!

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